Tibar Basmati Rice


Tibar Basmati Rice is a variety of Basmati rice. The reason behind to call this Rice as a Tibar is according to the grade. Tibar Basmati is the highest grade in all basmati rice. This is a long grain rice and has a very good fragrance, the best for making pulao and biryani. Tibar Basmati rice, like other varieties of Basmati rice, is prized for its aroma, flavor, and texture, making it a popular choice for many culinary applications.

100% Organic Tibar Basmati Rice

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“Tibar Basmati rice” seems to refer to a specific variety of Basmati rice. Basmati rice is a long-grain rice known for its distinctive aroma and flavor, as well as its fluffy texture when cooked. It is primarily grown in the Indian subcontinent, particularly in India and Pakistan, and it’s popular in various cuisines worldwide.

As for “Tibar,” it might be a brand name or a specific grade or quality of Basmati rice. Different brands or producers may use their own terminology to differentiate various grades or qualities of Basmati rice. For example, some brands may market Basmati rice under different names such as “Extra Long Grain Basmati,” “Premium Basmati,” or “Tibar Basmati.”

In terms of benefits, Basmati rice, including Tibar Basmati rice, shares many of the advantages associated with long-grain rice varieties:

1. Aromatic Flavor: Basmati rice is known for its unique aroma, which is often described as nutty or floral. This aroma adds depth and richness to dishes, enhancing their overall flavor.

2. Long Grain and Fluffy Texture: Basmati rice has long grains that stay separate and fluffy when cooked, making it an excellent choice for pilafs, biryanis, and other rice-based dishes where distinct grains are desired.

3. Versatility: Basmati rice is versatile and can be used in a wide range of dishes, from savory mains to desserts. Its neutral flavor pairs well with various ingredients and spices.

4. Nutritional Content: While Basmati rice is primarily a source of carbohydrates, it also contains some protein and small amounts of vitamins and minerals such as niacin, thiamine, and selenium. Brown Basmati rice, which retains its bran layer, is higher in fiber and nutrients compared to white Basmati rice.

5. Low to Medium Glycemic Index: Basmati rice has a lower glycemic index compared to some other rice varieties, meaning it doesn’t cause a rapid spike in blood sugar levels. This can be beneficial for managing blood sugar levels, especially for individuals with diabetes or those concerned about blood sugar control.

Overall, Tibar Basmati rice, like other varieties of Basmati rice, is prized for its aroma, flavor, and texture, making it a popular choice for many culinary applications.

PIP Agro is an organization mainly working with farmers in the Satara area. The main objective of the PIP Agro organization is to cultivate old indigenous varieties and produce them organically. In this category, they have 18 types of rice, 9 types of millets, 15 types of pulses and many value-added products. For this value-added food, They have tied up with many different women self-help groups in Satara area and provide them materials and prepare many food from them. PIP Agro movement will help to conserve those varieties so that the next generation can get the knowledge and can start eating this medicinal rice again.

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