Ajara Ghansal Rice


Ghansal is known as the ‘King of Paddy’. It is highly aromatic, short, bold and elegantly thin-grained rice variety. The word ‘Ghansal’ originated from ‘Ghan’ meaning ‘Aroma’ & ‘Flavour’ and ‘Sal’ meaning ‘Elegantly Thin’. It does exhibit Healing Properties & aids in curing many ailments especially the gut flora.

Ajara Ghansal is a great rice as First Food for Baby and is nourishing for the body tissues and is easy to digest. It also has a GI Tag.

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PIP Agro is an organization mainly working with farmers in the Satara area. The main objective of the PIP Agro organization is to cultivate old indigenous varieties and produce them organically. In this category, they have 18 types of rice, 9 types of millets, 15 types of pulses and many value-added products. For this value-added food, They have tied up with many different women self-help groups in Satara area and provide them materials and prepare many food from them. PIP Agro movement will help to conserve those varieties so that the next generation can get the knowledge and can start eating this medicinal rice again.

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