About Us

It all started with a small idea of Youtube channel “Indian Farmer Entrepreneurs” also known as IFE, where we meet our proud Indian Farmers and try to speak to them about their farming process and the various techniques they use to improve the farm production. We then share the details gathered from the Farmers via uploading videos to Youtube and posting on Facebook, which received a great response from the viewers in the comments and also we are happy to say that it is now a community of more than 1,97,000 subscribers on Youtube.

So, while interviewing a lot of Farmers through these years, we observed their hard work and dedication in the fields, and we also learned the way it brings food to our plates. And that raised a few questions in our heads such as “Do the Farmers really get paid well for their hard work ?”, “Why don’t we see their products in our daily surroundings ?”, and after the research we found that the Farmers are really not getting paid enough for the products they make due to the already captured markets by the big brands. And also the products have to go from a long chain of distributors and marketers to reach a customer, which then impacts the profit they make as they have to pay commissions to these distributors and marketers.

Then we tried to think about this problem of promoting the farmer products directly to retail customers and came to a solution of launching an e-commerce platform which not only solves a problem of connecting farmers to retail customers but also it can increase their profits by eliminating the long chain of distributors and marketers.

Indian Farmer Entrepreneurs Store (IFE Store) is an online marketplace of farmer products, where you can experience a new world of online shopping. Now customers can order online directly from the farms of India for farm fresh quality products.