Dehraduni Organic Basmati Rice

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Organic Dehraduni Basmati Rice is an original product of Rajvanshi Organic Farm a Uttrakhand-based producer. They have been producing this variety of basmati rice for the past 35 years on 50-acre land and sells under the brand “North India Organics”, which also offers a wide variety of local Uttarakhand products.

Ingredients: Raw Basmati Rice

North India Organics Dehraduni Basmati Rice, Pure & Organic.

Freshly made from Farm.

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Introducing exquisite Organic Dehradun Basmati Rice, a true masterpiece from the fertile plains of India. This rice variety is a culinary delight that will take your dining experience to new heights, thanks to its exceptional aroma, distinct flavour, and slender grains. Organic Basmati Rice is grown using traditional and sustainable farming methods, and each grain reflects the purity and goodness of the land from which it comes.

Aromatic Excellence:

Organic Dehradun Basmati Rice is distinguished by its enticing aroma. Your kitchen will be filled with the fragrant notes that have made Basmati rice famous around the world. The aroma is a testament to the care that goes into each grain’s cultivation and nurturing.

Organic Basmati Rice helps to support sustainable agriculture and responsible land stewardship. Our environmental commitment ensures that every grain you consume comes from a field that thrives in harmony with nature.

Rajvanshi Organic farm is an Uttrakhand-based Organic Dehraduni basmati rice producer that has been producing basmati rice for the past 35 years. They have a 50-acre land and their brand is “North India Organics”, which offers a wide variety of local Uttarakhand products.

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2 reviews for Dehraduni Organic Basmati Rice

  1. Grisha S

    I recently purchased this basmati rice and I am impressed.
    The rice has a distinct aroma and flavor, cooks perfectly fluffy. Good product!
    I like that it comes direct from farm. Packaging was good, and arrived in perfect condition. Great flavor and authentic taste!

  2. sunaina lodha

    First time tried Dehraduni Basmati rice and its wonderful. It has a strong scent and distinct flavor, and the grains are long and fluffy.
    Organic and Authentic. Highly recommended!

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