Panchagavya Havan Cups


Tribalight Panchagavya Havan/Sambrani Cups are made with love and care from Tribal Women Enterprise groups who are striving hard to nurture our rich culture. Discover the power of tradition with Tribalight’s exquisite range of Panchagavya products, thoughtfully crafted from the five sacred elements of cow-derived products with nourishing properties of cow dung, cow urine, milk, curd, and ghee.

Ingredients: Cow Dung Powder, Pure Cow Ghee, Red Sandalwood, Essential Natural Oils, Essential Herbs, Camphor.

Creates Yagnya feel at your Home | Removes Negative Vibes | Spreads Positive Vibes

Pack of 14

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 Benefits of Tribalight Panchagavya Sambrani/Havan Cups:-

  • Natural & Eco-Friendly:  They are made from Cow Dung & other necessary natural & organic herbs like lobhan, guggal, Kapoor kachri, jatamasi, nagarmotha etc. which creates spiritual environment. A pack consists of 14 havan/sambrani cups which offers burning time of 20-25 minutes. Eve after burning keeps surrounding fresh and divine.
  • Pleasant & Divine Aroma: Tribal Women Artisans used their traditional ayurvedic knowledge to manufacture a best product for our homes and spaces which are natural and eco-friendly too. With their rich refreshing properties, they help relieve stress and calm the mind & body. 
  • Creates Delightful Environment: Use of Tribalight Panchagavya Sambrani/Havan Cups will create holiest surrounding. You will feel atmosphere like temple which help to spread positive vibes and remove negative energy.

 How to Use:-

  • Simply tilt the Havan/Sambrani cup about 45 degrees. 
  • Light the cup on the tilted end about 10-20 seconds. 
  • Once lit, place it on the Havan Cup Stand. 

Precautions: Remember always that the stand or plate will be very hot for upto 20-25 minutes after the havan cup has turned to ash.

Tribalight is inspiring and encouraging the tribal community of Chandrapur, Maharashtra to grow and develop. They believe to make a sustainable living for self-reliance and increased confidence. Therefore, They are passionate about enlightening and enriching the tribal community with their skills and craftsmanship.

With a mission to bridge the gap between the tribal and modern civilization, they support tribal women, men and farmers to “Earn a pay better than fair” with the help of their natural produce from the land and livestock. Tribalight is the brand working directly with the producers and creating a demand-driven supply of original products as far as market demand is concerned.

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