Powdered Goat Manure


This powdered goat manure can be used for all plants and is ideal for small and medium sized plants. So it is best when used for terrace gardens with all sorts of fruit and flower bearing plants.

No foul odour and insects/flies repellent.

100% Organic, Natural & Safe

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Why use this goat manure ?

  • Excellent source of plant nutrients, namely Nitrogen (N) and Potash (K), which results with stronger growth of plants and better fruit/flower bearing capacity. Micro-nutrients like Calcium, Copper and Zinc are present in good quantity.
  • Enriched with azotobacter and Trichoderma.
  • High Fibre content, helps water retention which results in substantial saving of water.
  • 100% organic with absolutely no impurities.
  • Finely powdered, which helps it mix very easily with your potting mixture.
  • No foul odour and also does not attract insects or flies like a lot of other organic manure.
  • Very easy to handle and store in households.

How to use goat manure ?

For regular sized household gardening pots, you can use 2 tablespoons every week. Make sure that the manure is evenly mixed with the potting mixture. Also water the pot generously after using the manure. Subsequent use of water can be reduced accordingly. You can increase the quantity depending on the size and age of the plant. Higher the age or bigger the size, you will have to increase the usage accordingly.

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