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Sumbran Goat Mutton Pickle has chunks of boneless mutton from naturally-fed goats, roasted in the perfect blend of spices. A delicious mutton pickle with perfect taste and a touch of unique spices. Tastes well with rice, chapatis, bhakri, dosas, pav etc. Excellent source of protein.

Ingredients: Goat Meat, Ground Spices & Herbs, Sunflower Oil, Garlic, Ginger, Salt, Food grade acidifier.

Muttton Pickle. No Artificial Preservatives, Colours or Flavours.

Order online mutton pickle,mutton achar, mutton lonche.

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Nutrition Facts:

Protein: 8.20%, Fat: 35.78%, Carbohydrate: 10.27%

Storage Conditions:

  • Retain oil layer at the top at all times.
  • Use clean & dry spoon only.
  • Keep under refrigeration.

This mutton pickle (achar or lonche) is an original product of Sumbran Goat Farm located at Wai, Satara, Maharashtra, India. After many research and experiments done on goat farming, Prithviraj Chavan owner of Sumbran Goat Farm has setup an ideal model of goat farming.

Order online this authentic and natural goat mutton pickle and get it delivered to your place to add the healthy and delicious pickle to your food.

‘Sumbran’ the name, has been held in high esteem in captive goat farming for decades. Sumbran Pickles are made from the mutton of strong, breedable goats from this goat project.
In earlier times, kings, maharajas, and chieftains used to go hunting in the forest. Many rare animals were also hunted. Originally, hunting was also a very rare event. The meat of the hunted animal was pickled to preserve it for a long time, and this gave birth to the mutton pickle. Pickled mutton is mainly popular in South India as well as in Rajasthan, Himachal Pradesh and eastern states. We have brought the same royal flavour of Mutton Pickle to you with Sumbran Mutton Pickle. It is stays very tasty for at least three months at room temperature. No artificial colours are used in the preparation. You can enjoy this delicious pickle with Chapati, Bhakri, Roti, Naan, Bread, Rice.
Sumbran Mutton Pickles are going to be a must for travellers who are constantly travelling for work, business travellers for work, women employees who are going to work, students staying at hostels and missing the delicious food of home.

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