Neem Honey


Madhupushp Neem Honey is collected by skilled beekeepers by installing bee colonies inside fields of blooming Neem flower. It doesn’t contain any additional flavors, extracts, or other substances in the honey. It is a premium and rare type of Honey and definitely offers multiple health benefits.

Ingredients: Raw Organic Honey (extracted directly from beehives in fields of flowers)

100% pure, natural, and healthy. No artificial colours, flavors, or preservatives.

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In Ayurveda, Neem is generally used to balance pitta (fire) and kapha (water and earth) doshas due to its cooling properties. It can, however, aggravate vata (air and space) dosha. Neem Honey boosts immunity, helps maintain healthy skin and teeth, supports healthy digestion and is beneficial for diabetics as well. These are the benefits of Neem Honey.
Madhupushp Neem Honey is 100% pure and natural, pesticide-free, and antibiotic-free, with no additives or infusions, and 100% traceable, with our technology promoting healthy and happy bees and ecology.
In Ayurveda, honey is considered to be a “yogavahi” or bio-enhancer. When taken with any food or medication it amplifies its quality and allows all its goodness – to penetrate deeply into the body

How is Raw Organic Honey Made ?

Indian bees that are Apic Cerena Indica can wander about 5km radius from its home. Honey bees collect nectar from different flowers from that area irrespective of flowers. That means it has either blended or mixed up by the bees. That’s how beekeepers get the raw honey from beehives.

Madhupushp Honey is raw and packed as soon as it is extracted from the field; no processing is done to maintain the nutrition. Their mission is to provide the best quality products to customers by following all the norms and quality standards of the FSSAI. As per the AGMARK standards, they are maintaining a moisture level below 18% in honey.
They also are certified by Khadi Gram Udyog.

Ways to check pure honey:

  • Try adding a few drops of honey to water, the pure honey should not spread or get mixed with the water, and it should reach and settle at the bottom of the vessel or container containing water.
  • Another way to test the honey is by dropping it on a piece of tissue paper or cloth, it should not get absorbed by the tissue paper or cloth. If there are any added foreign particles in the honey, the cloth will absorb them and will also leave stains behind.
  • Pure or unadulterated honey is fireproof, so if exposed to any kind of flame, it should not burn.

Madhupushp is now a trusted brand, and the farming community is proud of it. They also offer advice and assistance to small farmers interested in beekeeping.

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