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This Forest Honey is collected directly from the green and natural forests of Koyna(Satara, Maharashtra, India), by the skilled and trained women’s self-help group “Madhugandh Shetkari Mahila Bachat Gat”. They all are trained and certified by Khadi Gramudyog. And proved to be successful honey collectors.

Ingredients: Raw Honey

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The bee hive box is directly kept into the forest and then honey is collected from it. Koyna forest is known for its vast variety of medicinal plants, which helps add the medicinal properties into honey.

While extracting honey from the beehive we make sure that the bees are unharmed, also the packaging is done in a neat environment.

Indulge your taste buds in the rich, untamed essence of our Pure Forest Honey, a divine nectar harvested straight from the heart of pristine woodlands. This exquisite honey captures the essence of nature, offering a unique and unparalleled flavor profile that is sure to elevate your culinary experiences.

Key Features:

1. Unspoiled Wilderness:
Sourced from remote and untouched forests, our honey is a true reflection of the unspoiled beauty and purity found in nature. The bees collect nectar from a diverse array of wildflowers, resulting in a complex and robust flavor.

2. Golden Elixir of Health:
Packed with natural antioxidants, enzymes, and nutrients, our forest honey is more than just a sweetener – it’s a health booster. Enhance your well-being with each spoonful, knowing that you’re enjoying a product free from additives and preservatives.

3. Distinctive Flavor Profile:
Experience the unique taste of our forest honey, characterized by its deep, caramel undertones and a subtle hint of floral notes. This versatile honey is perfect for drizzling over yogurt, spreading on toast, or adding a touch of sweetness to your favorite beverages.

4. Ethical Harvesting Practices:
We take pride in our sustainable and ethical beekeeping practices. Our beekeepers work in harmony with nature, ensuring the health and vitality of bee colonies while preserving the delicate ecosystems from which our honey originates.

5. Premium Quality Assurance:
Rigorous quality checks at every stage of production guarantee that you receive a product of the highest standards. Our commitment to quality ensures that you get nothing but the best in every jar of our Pure Forest Honey.

6. Beautifully Packaged:
Housed in an elegant glass jar, our forest honey makes for a visually stunning addition to your pantry. The secure seal ensures the preservation of its natural goodness, allowing you to savor the taste of the wilderness with every spoonful.

Unlock the treasure trove of nature’s sweetness with our Pure Forest Honey – a sensory journey through the heart of the untouched wilderness. Immerse yourself in the unparalleled taste and health benefits of this golden elixir. Order now and let the magic of the forest enchant your senses.

Honey is a valuable gift from nature. It has immunity boosting properties. It has proven benefits for cough and cold relief, diabetes, ulcers, skin problems, etc. Also, it helps enhance beauty. So grab the opportunity to make life healthier and better by using this pure and organic Forest Honey.

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3 reviews for Forest Honey

  1. sandesh mhatre (verified owner)

    It have all the medicinal properties
    Best for child’s
    Energy booster

  2. vaibhaviyadav1116

    Nice taste, best for immunity

  3. sunaina lodha

    I watched a documentary about forest honey on IFE Channel.
    In this video, Rohini ji explains the entire forest honey production process.
    I like Rohinji’s and the other women’s efforts, which is why I tried this forest honey. I really enjoy this flavor. I have never liked this. Honey is truly pure.
    I am currently ordering forest honey on a continuous basis.
    I also appreciate the efforts of IFE Store. Thank you for helping farmers and providing us with pure farm products.

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