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Jamun, also known as the Indian blackberry, is a highly nutritious fruit that contains antioxidants, potassium, calcium, phosphorus, and flavonoids. India is second in the world for jamun production. This highly nutritious spread contains no added artificial flavors, colors, or sweeteners.

Jamun Spread is a low-calorie, high-nutrient spread produced from jamuns grown in the Konkan region of Maharashtra and Gujarat.

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Explore Jamun Spread’s Richness:

With our delicious Jamun Spread, which has been skillfully prepared to capture the essence of this tropical fruit, you may embrace the unique flavor of jamun. Jamun, often called Indian blackberry, is a great addition to your pantry since it has a delightful blend of sweetness and acidity.

Key Features:

1) Unique Flavor: Savor the rich, deep flavor of jamun fruit, which has tangy undertones and a naturally sweet taste.

2) Adaptable Usage: Exceptionally suitable for smearing on bread, incorporating into yoghurt, or garnishing sweet treats.

3) Natural Goodness: Made without artificial flavors or ingredients, using only hand-selected Jamun fruits.

4) Nutritious advantages: Rich in vitamins and antioxidants for a guilt-free treat.

Whether you’re adding it to your favorite snacks, having it for breakfast, or trying out new recipes, our Jamun.

Purandar Highlands Farmer Producer Company Ltd. (PH-FPC) was founded by 14 full-time fig growers who are well-known for their extensive expertise in farming and related techniques. Purandar Highlands-FPC has also been recognized as a startup by the Indian government.

The team at Purandar Highlands-FPC had their own farming successes and mistakes, which inspired them to share and educate farmers and end users about GI tagged Figs and Custard Apple cultivated in the Purandar taluka, near Pune.

Within a year of its inception, this team has provided a complete solution to farmers in the surrounding area (taluka), from selecting the right saplings to pruning and implementing Good Agriculture Practices (GAP), round-the-clock assistance, consultation, and expanding market reach by following proper packaging practices. Purandar Highlands-FPC also offer services to our clients in terms of sorting, grading, and packaging as per their requirements.

Purandar Highlands-FPC has also begun primary processing (pulping and slicing), and work does not end there; the R&D team is developing unique and novel processed goods made from figs and custard apples, which will be the first of their kind to be launched to market. The route forward for PH-FPC is unique, attempting something that has never been done before in figs and custard apples.

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