Madhur Organic Rose Syrup

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This organic Rose syrup is made with naturally grown Rose petals in the farms of Maharastra, India. It can be added to almost any drinks or deserts, also it is refreshing when added to plain chilled water. It is also a best cooling agent specially during summers.

100% Organic. No artificial preservatives, flavors or colors.

Ingredients: Rose water made with organic Rose petals, Pure and Hygienic Sulphur free sugar.

One bottle consists 750ml

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Rose petals have cooling and refreshing properties, which is good for human body in many ways.

Instructions (as per package):
To prepare 1 glass, mix 1 part of syrup to 4 parts of chilled water or soda

Benefits of Madhur Organic Rose Syrup:

  • Highly beneficial in treating high cholesterol levels, anemia, arthritis, lower vitamin b-12, heart problems, mental stress etc.
  • The antioxidant properties can keep you away from various illness or diseases.
  • Helps maintaining the body temperature, reduce pitta, constipation issues.
  • Beneficial for memory power, cooling eye area and mouth ulcers.
  • Has immunity boosting and medicinal properties in it.

Add Madhur Organic Rose Syrup (Gulab Syrup) to any drinks or deserts and enjoy the tasty and delicious beverage. Make refreshing drink with chilled water or soda to rose syrup. Milkshakes, kulfis, chilled soft drinks tastes great when consumed with rose syrup. It is also a best cooling agent specially during summers.

The Rose Petals used for this organic gulkand are naturally grown in the farms Rose Farmers from Satara, Maharashtra, India. This product is an initiative by Agrivision Farms the group of rose farmers who are working really hard to provide the best quality product to customers by following all the norms and quality standards of the FSSAI. Their mission is to supply pure, unadulterated and organic Rose Syrup and Gulkand.

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750 ml

2 reviews for Madhur Organic Rose Syrup

  1. Nili (verified owner)

    Pure quality rose syrup.

  2. vaibhaviyadav1116

    Best quality. Love to its made by farmers

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